About us

Barum Solarheat is based in Barnstaple, Devon, and was established by Chris Verney back in 1979 to promote and increase awareness of alternative energy sources and develop viable, practical, renewable energy solutions.

The company initially began by designing and installing bespoke solar thermal units and wind turbines mainly for domestic hot water supply or to heat swimming pools.

Since then the company has continued to evolve by incorporating newer technologies such as solar photovoltaic, developing and adapted these technologies to provide their clients with cost effective solutions and innovative products.

In recent years the importance of conserving energy and reducing the use of non-renewable energy sources has become a major issue and Chris's passion for promoting sensible energy use combined with over 25 years experience has put him in an ideal position to assess the needs of his clients and provide them with the right solution for them.

  • Design Supply & Installation Domestic/Commercial
  • Solar Panels
  • Thermal & Photovoltaic
  • Heat Pumps & Auxillary Equipment
  • Manco "Barsol" Thermal Heatstore System
  • Small Scale Windpower Systems
  • On-Grid & Off-grid Type Installations
  • Combined hybrid Windpower & Photovoltaic
  • Distributor for Barsol Products


Our Experience & Projects

Barum Solarheat has designed and installed many small-scale solar and wind power projects for commercial and private clients throughout the UK. Clients include The National Trust, local authorities, housing associations and various British Government departments. It's sister company, Bar-Sol Products and services, produces numerous bespoke alternative energy products including heat stores and cold stores, and a "solar porch" for new build houses or existing properties incorporating photovoltaic solar slates. Among the innovative products on offer is a unique solar tracking device which can increase the photovoltaic output by up to 30% (Further funding for manufacturing and marketing is required...enquiries welcome!).

Barum solarheat are accredited installers under the Energy saving Trust's DTI Photovoltaic Solar Roofing Programme. The company now offers a design and consultation service, for integrating various renewable energy systems into conventional schemes at a reasonable cost. The service includes:

  • Project design to clients requirements.
  • Integration into buildings at planning stage, or install as a 'retrofit' on completed or existing buildings.
  • Size/output assessment calculations based on information supplied to ourselves.
  • Presentation of design proposals to yourselves, or to the end user client for acceptance.
  • Liaison with manufacturers and installers at commencement, and throughout construction period, to final completion.
  • Provide operational and acceptance tests prior to the commissioning of the system, and 'handover' to the client.